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Chippy is the resident digital content expert at the HiBlue studio in Bonn. For event streaming, webcasts, social video and video marketing. – contact us.

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Live-streaming. From social to large events.

HiBlue offers livestreaming services from small to large-scale. From single-camera Facebook streaming to multi-camera secure streaming. For meetings, conferences and other events in and around Bonn.

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Social video marketing at Coworking Bonn

HiBlue offers a livestream studio at Coworking Bonn. Tailored towards social media coverage we’re available with all the equipment you need to update your customers, community, followers and partners. Come in and Stream Out! Click for more social streaming information.

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Why should I live stream?

What is the value of a live stream and why should I do it? This is a question that we get asked, and ask ourselves, often. What is the value of a live stream? There’s a clear ‘trend’ in live streaming but that’s not enough to justify doing it....

We provide regular live streams for the following projects and events in and around Bonn. Contact us if your local group is looking for support because we like to help local causes.