HiBlue Studio Bonn

The studio at Coworking Bonn is run by HiBlue and Chippy is the resident digital content expert. Videos, streaming, photography – come and visit us in Bonn. You can rent the studio, equipment and experts.

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HiBlue Content Services

HiBlue creates web-focused content for customers both locally and across the world. Cost-effective customer and SEO-focused solutions for private and business.

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Latest News and Information from HiBlue

Godesburg Restaurant image video

Godesburg Restaurant image video

Over the last few months we’ve been working on image videos for Restaurant Godesburg, just south of Bonn. It’s housed in an old castle and tower in Bad Godesberg and anyone that’s been in the area will have noticed it. Not only is is a restaurant and... read more

360 grad fotos Bonn.

For our 360-degree photo service¬†we’re currently testing a Theta S camera around Bonn. Stage 1 is to create a portfolio of images from our local comm community of clubs and businesses and that means we’ve got an offer for you if you’re in Bonn. More...

Bonn, summer and smooth cams!

Bonn in the summer. There’s something happening all the time and if it’s not in the Rheinaue it’s in the town center, or both at the same time. We took our new gimbal stabilizer out for a run on Saturday and picked up the good feelings of summer in a...