HiBlue Studio Bonn

The studio at Coworking Bonn is run by HiBlue and Chippy is the resident digital content expert. Videos, streaming, photography – come and visit us in Bonn. You can rent the studio, equipment and experts.

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HiBlue Content Services

HiBlue creates web-focused content for customers both locally and across the world. Cost-effective customer and SEO-focused solutions for private and business.

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HiBlue Livestreaming

HiBlue offers livestreaming services from small to large-scale. From single-camera Facebook streaming to multi-camera secure streaming. For meetings, conferences and other events in and around Bonn.

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Streaming at Coworking Bonn

HiBlue offers a livestream service at Coworking Bonn every Friday. Tailored towards social media coverage we’re available with all the equipment you need to update your customers, community, followers and partners. Come in and Stream Out! More information, availability pricing and booking available at the Coworking Bonn website. Click below for info.

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Latest News and Information from HiBlue

Bonn’s Streaming Friday. Come In and Stream Out!

Bonn’s Streaming Friday. Come In and Stream Out!

We’ve built a social media streaming studio, tested a ton of equipment, worked out an efficient low-cost process and are now offering it to customers every Friday through our ‘streaming Friday’ event. Book an hour and stream to customers over... read more

360 photos in Bonn with the Iris360

You might have seen some of the 360 photography we’ve done recently. We’ve uploaded over 200 photos to Google StreetView under various accounts and they’ve been viewed nearly 400,000 times. Most popular? The Post Tower. It’s surprising to look...

Broadcast Studio in Bonn ready to rent.

If you’re streaming video online it’s important to ensure you’ve got the best quality audio and video and to use a process that’s stable and reliable. At HiBlue in Bonn we’re able to provide a broadcast quality (Full HD) setup optimised...