Why should I live stream?

What is the value of a live stream and why should I do it?

This is a question that we get asked, and ask ourselves, often. What is the value of a live stream? There’s a clear ‘trend’ in live streaming but that’s not enough to justify doing it. There are risks associated with it to so as you consider the live streaming options, take a look at this list. If you need to discuss anything here, please don’t hesitate to contact us, however small or large your project.

  • Live streaming allows you to present services, people and products transparently and honestly. In a world where customers are starting to expect this level of detail, livestreaming is a great way to achieve it.
  • Live streaming allows you to highlight your expertise.
  • Live streaming allows you to promote to people who can’t attend an event – widening your potential audience.
  • Live streams have an aspect of urgency that can be compelling for some potential viewers.
  • Live streaming on certain channels can create automatic ‘alerts’ for existing followers, groups or communities.
  • Live streaming is a great two-way channel for feedback and Q&A.
  • Live stream polls are easy to implement and can create valuable targeted feedback.
  • Live stream statistics and demographics allow you to see who is engaging via your digital marketing channels which is valuable information for re-marketing.
  • Live streaming allows you to save the event and use it for promotional or educational purposes after the event has finished.
  • Call-to-action can be easier on an event live stream compared to a on-location seminar presentation.
  • A good live stream presentation can encourage people to attend future events or to pay for more in-depth live streams. (Possibly converting ‘free’ to ‘paid’.)

  • Live streaming can save money on paying to bring people to an event. (Remote learning, remote participants in a seminar or webinar.)
  • Live streaming can be a great way to grow social network followers.
  • Pay-to-view and pay-to-comment live streams can generate revenue.
  • Live streams have the potential to become viral. (Location based events have limited ‘seats.’)
  • Live streams can be watched when mobile.
  • Live streams are relatively new and can give an advantage over competition.

Live streams aren’t simple and can get complex. There’s also a brand risk to consider. HiBlue is experienced in tailoring a service that fits budget and quality expectations so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re active in Bonn, Cologne and the region.

If you’re looking for event video services call Steve on the number at the header on this page, tweet @hibluecom or contact us via Facebook.






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    Update: We’ve formed a management team for the Bonn Climate Change Conference to help organisations fulfill their social video needs.