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  • Last call for the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera

    The Polaroid SC1630 Android camera was announced earlier this year but as yet, hasn’t been released. One can only assume it’s become a victim of the big changes at Polaroid and unless we get an update at IFA next week we can probably assume that it’s not going to happen, at least in its current […]

  • Engadget Hands-On with the Nikon S800c

    Check out the pre-boot feature in this preview of the Nikon S800c from Engadget. It has a ‘bios’ that allows the camera to turn on instantly without having to wait for the camera to boot into Android. The S800C appears to switch over seamlessly too. Engadget reveals some nice details in their hands-on although there’s […]

  • Bum on Seat. My month without tablet and smartphone

    Unplanned, I’ve spent the last two months without a tablet and the last month without a modern smartphone. My Galaxy Tab bit the dust in an overnight charging fit at the beginning of March and my phone is still the Nokia N8 – nothing compared to todays smartphones! I briefly used a Sony Xperia Arc, […]

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