Live-streaming. From social to large events.

HiBlue offers livestreaming services from small to large-scale. From single-camera Facebook streaming to multi-camera secure streaming. For meetings, conferences and other events in and around Bonn.

Video Streaming Studio in Bonn

For event streaming, webcasts, social video and video marketing. – contact us.

Social video marketing at Coworking Bonn

HiBlue offers a livestream studio at Coworking Bonn. Tailored towards social media coverage we’re available with all the equipment you need to update your customers, community, followers and partners. Come in and Stream Out! Click for more social streaming information.

Event and Conference Services

A multi camera team will produce and broadcast a dynamic, high quality stream that will enhance your reach over social networks. We can support small and large events with social media-focused video, photo, streaming and stage technology.

Webcasts and Social Livecasts

Improve your message. Improve your reach.
High quality production, great audio, graphical overlays, multiple cameras and a project management attitude that reduces the risk of problems. Our experienced team covers every angle!

HiBlue Video and Streaming News

Why should I live stream?

What is the value of a live stream and why should I do it? This is a question that we get asked, and ask ourselves, often. What is the value of a live stream? There's a clear 'trend' in live streaming but that's not enough to justify doing it. There are risks...

Bonn 360 Video – Our testing with Critical Mass

360 degree video is an emerging format that's going to take a number of years to develop into a high quality medium that everyone has access to. We're at the point now where digital photography was in 1998 as the first 2 megapixel cameras entered the market. The...

Bonn’s Streaming Studio Friday.

The social studio is re-starting mid-Feb 2018! We've built a social media streaming studio, tested a ton of equipment, worked out an efficient low-cost process and are now offering it to customers every Friday through our 'streaming Friday' event. Book an hour and...

We provide regular live streams for the following projects and events in and around Bonn. Contact us if your local group is looking for support because we like to help local causes.