Godesburg Restaurant image video

Over the last few months we’ve been working on image videos for Restaurant Godesburg, just south of Bonn. It’s housed in an old castle and tower in Bad Godesberg and anyone that’s been in the area will have noticed it. Not only is is a restaurant and tourist attraction (visit the tower and enjoy the views from the top!) it’s an interesting event location.


The aim of the project was to produce a 2 minute and a 30-second video for web and social media usage that pack as much information in as possible about the location, the restaurant and events that take place there. We also wanted to add 360 photos, timelapse video and get a photo set that can be handed over to the website designers.

It’s an impressive place and to be honest we underestimated just how many aspects there were to this location. An early meeting with the customer helped get the focus, style and target audience and rather than looking at the tourist aspect of the location we focused on highlighting the rooms, weddings and corporate events. After four visits we had enough to put together a few videos and have enough video ‘in the bag’ to help with any future requirements.

Godesburg filming

The Panasonic Lumix G7 with kit lens worked well for the daylight shots but we used a Canon HF G25 for some indoor work. The G25 is a little bit more capable in this environment against the F3.5-5.6 lens on the G7 but an F1.7 50mm fixed lens is now on the shopping list for better indoor video work. There’s no substitution for a nice bokeh effect!

We’d like to thank Simon Hecht who joined us on a photo shoot. His skills and camera gave us just what we needed there. Check his work out here.

The final video is below and you can find the Godesburg website here.