Engadget Hands-On with the Nikon S800c

Check out the pre-boot feature in this preview of the Nikon S800c from Engadget. It has a ‘bios’ that allows the camera to turn on instantly without having to wait for the camera to boot into Android. The S800C appears to switch over seamlessly too. Engadget reveals some nice details in their hands-on although there’s still no word on quality and sensitivity.


One thing that’s missing on Android 2.3 (and arguably Ice Cream sandwich because the app is a little immature) is a video editor. Wouldn’t it be nice to shoot some 1080p clips and cut and transition them together? Even better would be a hardware video encoder for re-rendering the images down to, say 720p at 3mps, for a fast upload of an acceptable quality video to YouTube. Andrioid 2.3 doesn’t support Wi-Fi Direct either so there’s no chance of quickly firing them over to the laptop.

I would love to test this out at a trade show though. Shoot, shoot, shoot, send, shoot, send, shoot, shoot send.

I’m expecting at least one  competitor to this smart camera at IFA next week. Check the video out below, and some sample images at Engadget.

Source: Engadget





3 responses to “Engadget Hands-On with the Nikon S800c”

  1. digi_owl Avatar

    Seems more work than expected went into integrating Android.

  2. chippy Avatar

    Its possible that we don’t see an ICS upgrade.due to the deep integration.

  3. digi_owl Avatar

    Well as long as the various social network apps work with 2.x i suspect there will be no real need for that either. Tho perhaps a future replacement will come with 4.x or newer.

    It is a neat testbed for them, that’s for sure. Question is if there will be a market and future for it.