Podium 49 is a comfortable event location in the Südstadt of Bonn and we’re please to announce a partnership with the management team that brings our live streaming, multimedia and event technology into the Podium49 event portfolio.

The event location in Bonn can support 30 – 70 people depending on configuration and includes service, catering and wine service options that add class to events. With our multimedia offerings you can now bring your event to the people using multi camera live streaming over Facebook, YouTube or our private server.

For ‘fire-side’ chats, presentation sessions, club events along with seminars and webinars using interactive features we can help.

International guests welcome in Bonn.

For international events in Bonn you’ll find it easy to negotiate in English. All staff have local knowledge of the area and can advise on the wider aspects of your visit to Bonn.

For more information on the Podium49 event location in Bonn, check out the Podium49 website.