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Digital Marketing in Bonn. Coworking = Customer Success.

It’s been one year since HiBlue launched at Coworking Bonn. HiBlue offers digital multimedia services such as video streaming, photography, video presentations, 360-degree photography and webinar facilities but in just one year, thanks to Coworking, we’ve built up a first-class range of partnerships. All of us here have grown into a one-stop digital market in Bonn; a place where companies can walk in with digital marketing questions and walk out with a set of answers, contact points and even proposals. Here’s an overview of the range of services and companies that we work with. Feel free to contact us about any aspect of our co-operative digital business community

Web site optimisation, SEO, web analytics, affiliate and Facebook marketing.

We’ve been working closely with Rheinwunder for over 2 years and are happy to recommend the for your website optimisation and conversion projects. If you need to promote your companies services, an event or a product-set Rheinwinder can take you from your first web page to conversions and analytics.

Social Media marketing and Bonn events.

Bonn Digital joined Coworking Bonn at the same time as HiBlue and we’ve been working together ever since. If you need to grow your social media presence, promote your brand, event or products through social media and reach a new level of conversation with potential customers we recommend Bonn Digital. In addition to social media marketing and community management their team also helps create and promote digitally-focused events in Bonn.

Moderation and communication training.

Again, through a Coworking Bonn contact we’ve had the opportunity to work with Ute Lange of i3kommunikation. She’s had years of experience with a large German media company and has started her new venture to focus on communication, leadership training and event moderation.

Event Broadcasting.

There’s a difference between a livestream and a broadcast. Taking a livestream to television production levels requires years of experience and a wide range of technical solutions for every eventuality. Our partner Multi BC is perfectly positioned to offer multicamera audio and visual solutions for both indoor and outdoor events. Multi BC have their own outside broadcast unit and their own streaming platform which gives us flexibility to be anywhere and offer any type of broadcast. Live translation, intranet delivery and secure solutions are also part of the Multi BC / HiBlue partnership.

Professional 360-degree creative photography.

HiBlue is just about to launch it’s very first cooperative product. Spot360 is a new service offering processional quality 360 degree photography with creative styling and online placement. We’ve partnered with FotoWerkhaus who have years of experience working as specialists in interior design photography and that gives us the ability to take 360-degree photography and tours to the next level. We’ve also got the technical knowledge to be able to present and promote these photographs in the best possible way.

Join us for an online story.

Online marketing is simple to describe. It’s all about getting your company or product recognised and used through online activities nut in practice it’s difficult to execute. Through our partnerships, through co-working, we can help you.

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