Web Video. Quick, mobile response for Bonn.

The HiBlue studio is located in Bonn but with our mobile equipment we can cover Bonn at short notice. Full HD multicam recording with indoor, outdoor and interview audio setups and on-site editing if required. We can even stream over YouTube at short notice.

Here are some examples of videos that can be turned around quickly and cost-effectively at very short notice.

Your Company and its products.

A presentation video and product demonstrations can really help customers connect, and that means increased sales. It’s great publicity and accessible to the world. Your restaurant, your workshop, your services. We’ll bring them to video, quickly and efficiently.

House sale video.

If you’re selling your house, or you’re in the estate agency business we can help by creating a web-focused video to assist that. It won’t take long!

Car sales videos.

Selling a high-quality car that needs a little bit of extra attention? A video can help to increase response and widen your market. For cars that have a potential market overseas we’ll create an English-language video that will reach out to a very wide audience. For classic car sales a video can really help.

Product presentations.

You’ve created something and you want to get some attention or help people understand what it is you’ve created. You need a video. We can turn round a video of, for example, an app. We can take products up to about 2 meteres squared into our studio and do something there or we can meet you at your studio / lab / gallery.


Recording a seminar onto video can help preserve it for re-use or as a follow-up reminder after an event. We’ll get the audio, the presentation and the presenter into the frame and create something you can use many times over. We can help with webinars and vodcasts too.

Company events.

Got a company event you want to video? We can handle that and turn round a fully edited version that you can use as a reminder or marketing and promotional tool.

Curriculum vitae videos.

More people are turning to video to present themselves and their skills to prospective employers. Create a video that gives brief overview of your skills and conveys a sense of who you really are and where your passions lie. This is a great opportunity for graduates.

News events, launches, press events.

For quick-response on breaking events in Bonn we can try and help. It’s not always possible to drop everything and grab the mobile video kit but in many cases we can be there for you. We can support local journalists, news agencies and even internal company events.

All our content is web-focused which means we do it efficiently. Quick, right-price and formatted for web viewing.

Und ubrigens, ich kann auch mit sie auf Deutsch reden!

Sample videos and photos by HiBlue

Photos and imaging

Web-photography needs to be efficient, targeted to your audience and be very cost-efficient. Contact us for web-focused photography services.

Web Streaming

Web-based articles in English focused on customers and search engines. Quick and cost-efficient. Contact us with your requirements.