Live video streaming

From our studio or at your location in and around Bonn. Mobile and ready-to-go for your corporate social video, video marketing, webinar or sales brodcast. We’re also able to offer corporate live streaming on a private streaming platform.

Live video streaming is an important part of marketing and, for many events, an expected part of the event package, We can stream in our studio or at your location. We have mobile equipment and can also support you with social media marketing services, photography and offline, multicam video recording for a more professional version that can be made available after the event. We’re able to stream over LTE and 3G using our mobile routers and can provide lighting and microphones for most situations.

For your club event, a seminar, company presentation or even a party, a livestream can reach out way beyond your location. An edited version of the stream can also be used as a memoir or follow-up to your customers, members or friends.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We’re mobile in the Bonn area and can stream up to 720p quality when mobile or full HD over a good quality local cabled internet connection (with full HD always available as an offline recording.) In addition to the live stream we can provide photo support and social networking support, Periscope and Facebook livestreams, even a muticast solution.

You need help setting up your own studio and channel? We can help with equipment, training and online setup.

Contact us to discuss video streaming.

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