Event social media package.

If you don’t include social media creation as part of your event-day activities you are wasting a huge opportunity to promote your brand, to increase your contact base and to rise above competition. HiBlue can help with a tailored event package that brings near-live photography and videography together with live streaming and event recording that can be used as high-value sales material in the future.

HiBlue’s event package has three aims: Efficiency, Mobility and Capability

We are efficient because we has selected, over years of testing, a set of high quality equipment that can be operated efficiently by one person. We’re mobile because we’ve chosen that equipment so that it doesn’t require trucks of flight cases. Capability is focused on these areas of media production:

  • Live streaming
  • Near-live video and photography
  • Post-event video and photography

We’ve worked with social media for over 10 years. We’ve worked with media creation hardware and software for much longer than and that makes our package reliable and class-leading.


Here’s an example of what our social media creation package can achieve at a corporate event. .

  • Record full presentation with 2 fixed camera angles.
  • Record presentation cut-away clips and audience questions with a 3rd, mobile camera for social media use and full video timeline usage.
  • Live stream. Continuous with logo branding from main stage camera. (720p to Facebook, YouTube or our private streaming platform)
  • High Quality mobile camera and lenses for casual and organised photography.
  • 360 degree camera (Also available for pre-event planning.)
  • Quick transfer of photos to customer via app. (Android / IOS)
  • Wireless mic from speaker to main recording and live stream.
  • Separate audio recorder for room or PA mix.
  • Material checked and organised for handover at end of event.
    • Video organised into folders with timestamps.
    • Primary audio synced to main camera video.
    • Additional audio delivered as WAV.
    • Photos (expect 50-80 pre-checked photos.
  • Single expert on site.
  • Backpack solution for mobility.
  • Battery powered for up to 2hrs.
  • Mobile internet hotspot.

Post event package.

  • Preparation of full event video. (Synchronise and optimise video with audio material into a multi-camera produced video.Logos and subtitles also possible.) 
  • Additional editing / Social media video clips. 10-30 seconds with logo and titles as directed by social media manager. 
  • All material archived for 30 days.

Simple pricing model

We want to make it easy for you so we offer three types of package and offer heavy discounts for communities, non-profits and startups, If you’re a non-profit community in Bonn, we can offer the first use of our basic package for free..

Free: Event location checklist for planners.