Event and Conference live streaming solutions.

HiBlue has stopped offering livestreaming for external events and conferences. Our quick, one-person + one-camera solution was perfect for smaller events and locations but if you’re thinking of providing a livestream service for an important event or conference you’ll need to think about multi-camera, multi-platform solutions with secure and multi-path throughput.

NEW! We’ve published a detailed guide, including costs, risks and equipment, for event live streaming planners.

How much does a business live stream cost? Guidelines for project managers.


We can offer a tailored solution that covers audio and video at full HD resolutions with cameras and technology that allows us to cover large areas easily. Our private streaming platform ensures the best levels of security and privacy and our multi-level networking solutions provide security against drop-outs keeping the Full HD stream running smoothly for as long as you need it. We include backup equipment and risk-reduction options.

A range of cameras allow us to get in the best positions, even without a camera operator. Our titling and mixing desk is compact and robust. Most conference and event locations come with audio solutions but if not, we’ll mic you up! Don’t worry about lunch and coffee breaks because we’ll work with you to fill those gaps with valuable content.

Broadcast quality cameras give us the ability to work in difficult lighting conditions and give us access to the highest quality recordings after the event.

We offer post-processing services, cloud storage, password protected players and a range of self-management options.

In addition we’ve got connections to web designers, search engine experts and a team of social media experts. Photographers, image film makers, creative and styling experts and a whole lot more.

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