Web Content Creation

In the World of Web it’s important to hit the right mark and that means the right quality at the right style in the right amount of time for the right cost. That’s why HiBlue is focused on quick-response, flexibility and quality. We’ve shot thousands of product photographs, thousands of videos for YouTube and written over 7000 articles for websites. I’ve moderated podcasts, appeared on video streams and worked in the tight confines of some very demanding press conferences, trade shows and conferences and I’ve learnt that talent and┬ásincerity is more important than a perfect print-quality image.

We can offer quick turnaround web-focused product photography of small to person-sized talent at the studio here in Bonn.

Web Video

We’re focused on quick, efficient and cost-effective creation of web-optimised videos for YouTube and other platforms and we operated in Bonn. Find out more about video services┬áhere.

Web Photos and imaging

Web-photography needs to be efficient, targeted to your audience and be very cost-efficient. Find out more about our web photography services in Bonn,

Make your own videos and images.

If you just need equipment and space, why not rent the studio and create your own web photos and videos. We’ll get you set up and leave you to it for an evening or a day. Find out more about the web video and photo studio in Bonn.