Bonn CoWorking Studio

Studio for seminars and presentations

Evening (3hrs) special offer.
  • Your seminar or presentation requires a powerful setup for maximum impact. Clear acoustics, a high-contrast Full HD projector, digitizer pad for annotations, laser pointer will be provided. It’s cable-free which gives you the freedom to be as passionate as you need to be.
  • We can accommodate 20 people comfortably in our clean and fresh studio area where lighting and layout are flexible. You’ll get to use a 3000-lumens full HD projector with wireless HDMI connectivity. Two mics will be provided (one wireless lapel mics, one handheld) and you’ll have a clutter-free and focused stage area to work with.
  • If you need a technician to drive the stage to its maximum potential, we can provide that as an additional service. We can also video the event or even live-stream it.
  • You can directly book the seminar room via CoWorking Bonn website.

Studio for videos and photography

Rent the studio, backdrop, lights and cameras.
  • Want to create a YouTube video, a product demonstration, record an interview or create a vodcast? We’ve got a setup that will work for you.
  • We’ll provide a full-HD camera, tripods and three LED lamps. SD cards and cables are included.
  • Background and additional video lighting available on the truss.
  • Audio mixer provided.
  • WiFi and projector included.
  • Free use of white photo backdrop.
  • Backdrop takes standard 2.72 meter paper rolls.
  • Tables, seating area and seats provided.
  • You can also bring your own lighting on tripods or attach to our 50 mm DMX-enabled truss.
  • We’ll help you get setup and talk you through the equipment. ( 30 minutes )
  • Optional engineer and post-editing service available.
  • Take a look at our studio equipment.

Studio for web conferencing

Use the studio for a multi-person web conference or webinar
  • Your web conference requires good audio, good lighting and big, clear view ot all participants. We’ve got he equipment you need to have a successful web conference or webinar.
  • We can accommodate up to 8 people around tables in our clean and fresh studio area. You’ll get to use a 3000-lumen full HD projector with wireless HDMI connectivity. Mics will be provided (up to 5) and you’ll have access to high quality WiFi.
  • A technician will introduce you to the setup and, if you require, can be made available for support and services. (Extra cost.)
  • Bookings are taken on a half-day basis. (3 hours evening from 1800. 4 hours afternoon from 1300.)
  • Take a look at some of our equipment here.

Studio for video streaming

Stream a presentation using our streaming equipment.
  • If you’ve got something to show to the internet world, why not stream it? It’s live, interactive and can drive social media engagement. You’ll get a full copy of the video masters and we can even provide post-editing services.
  • Full HD cameras (max 3 angles) with presenter and room mic mixing.
  • Streaming up to 2 Mbps on the platform of your choice.
  • Ad-free streaming platforms available with the possibility to embed in your website.
  • Mixing engineer included in package. (Lighting, audio, video.)
  • 1hr pre-event setup meeting included in package.
  • Optional services for event graphics, landing-page design and social media services.
  • Take a look at our studio equipment.
  • Streaming services available from Q2 2016.

Contact us for evening bookings. (English and German.)

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