We’ve built a social media streaming studio, tested a ton of equipment, worked out an efficient low-cost process and are now offering it to customers every Friday through our ‘streaming Friday’ event. Book an hour and stream to customers over Facebook. Practice and record your presentation. Record a video update for YouTube. Use a green screen on Twitch. Broadcast in high quality to a conference audience. We’ve even got access to a private streaming service so if you need it to be private and encrypted, and deleted after the event, it will be!

Streaming Friday by HiBlue at Coworking Bonn is now bookable through the Coworking Bonn website.

We’ve partnered with our hosts Coworking Bonn and spent hundreds of hours testing equipment and services so that the only thing you need to worry about is what you’re going to say to your viewers, followers, fans and funders. Here are some of the features you’ll find in the live streaming studio.

  • Studio with flexible lightning, two cameras and mics for up to five people
  • Helping hands, warm-up assistance, style-check and technical support by an expert.
  • Videos in 1080p or live stream in 720p to Facebook, YouTube or a privately served embedded player (no branding) on your website. (Periscope: 480p. Extra fee for use of the private streaming service.)
  • Live on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope SIMULTANEOUSLY! (480p)
  • Including company logos and lower-thirds embedded in the live stream
  • Powerpoint, images or video overlay
  • Optional: Video post production, music, 4K etc. Book multiple sessions and work on a bigger project.
  • Green screen (requires a 2-hour slot)
  • Seating for up to 15 as an audience.
  • 1700 slot is ‘Beer O’Clock’ Includes drinks and our coworkers audience. Meet the coworkers. Expect applause.

You can book and pay for a slot directly on the CoworkingBonn Streaming Friday page. Send your company logos, names and graphics via email to videos@hiblue.com